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A guide to rattan garden furniture maintenance

Now that summer and new levels of freedom have finally arrived, our garden furniture is going to see considerably more traffic as we spend more time outside with friends and family. Here are a few tips on how to keep your rattan garden furniture looking its best.

Natural rattan

Natural rattan is made from the woven strands of a vine-like plant native to Asia, Australia and Africa. It is strong and surprisingly versatile, but tends to be more suited to outside use in tropical climates.

If you have natural rattan pieces in your garden, protect them from wet or cold weather by storing them inside or using sturdy plastic covers. Keep natural rattan clean with a damp cloth and avoid chemicals or using anything abrasive. Rattan is prone to lighten in the sun, so rotate pieces to ensure even fading. Protect cane feet with plastic covers, and try to avoid standing rattan furniture on wet or muddy ground.

Synthetic rattan

A far more popular option for garden furniture, synthetic rattan is treated to withstand temperature changes and wet conditions, and it’s protected against mildew and mould. You can confidently leave your synthetic rattan furniture outside for the whole of the summer, and, if properly protected with plastic covers, all year round. Hoover seats to remove any crumbs or leaves and clean regularly with warm water and a touch of washing up liquid. Make sure you always have a damp cloth available to wipe off bird droppings, as they can be corrosive if left for too long.

Easy to clean, comfortable and stylish, your rattan furniture should bring you joy for many years to come.

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