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Westland Lawn Drop Spreader


Designed for the easy and accurate application of lawn treatment products and grass seed

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  • Traditional drop spreader with on/off switch
  • Ideal for applying the Westland lawn treatment range
  • Size spreading wide 41cm (16 inches)



Lawn Spreader Settings

Use the following table to apply Westland Lawn Care Products with a lawn spreader. This guide will tell you which settings to use to apply at the correct rate.


Westland SafeLawnAftercut All In One,

Aftercut All In One Autumn

Aftercut Lawn Thickener, Aftercut Triple Care, Aftercut Ultra Green+,Aftercut 3 Day GreenWestland Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss KillerWestlandLawn Sand2
Application Rate35g/sq.m32g/sq.m35g/sq.m32g/sq.m80g/sq.m
Westland Lawn Spreader (Purple)44443
Westland  Lawn Spreader (Green) 3
Scotts EvenGreen6.756.756.756.754.25
Scotts EasyGreen Rotary**27262626
Scotts Evergreen Easy Spreader+53.5 x 2*3.5 x 2*3.5 x 2* 4
Gardena 18″ Blue443.54
Westland Hand SpreaderSee Table Below

* x2 means 2 application at 90 degrees to each other forming a crosshatch pattern

** We do not recommend rotary spreaders for pesticide products

Lawn Master / Moss Master Spreader Settings

Lawn Master/Moss MasterLawn Master/Moss Master
Application Rate50g/sq.m100g/sq.m
Westland Lawn Spreader3 x 2*4
Scotts EvenGreen79
Scotts Evergreen Easy Spreader+44 x 2*

Westland Hand Spreader:

Please refer to product pack for application dates. Do not exceed the stated application rate. Overdosing can damage your lawn.

To Use:

Measure area to treat and weigh out correct amount of product. Set aperture to 0 and fill on a level surface – not on a lawn or cultivated area. Select appropriate setting on spreader and evenly spread over whole measured area. Continuously turn handle and walk at a normal pace. Application rate can vary depending on walking speed and handle turning speed. To increase application overlap more frequently.





  Light Application


  Medium Application


  Heavy Application

Not suitable for fertilisers containing pesticides.


  1. All settings are for guidance only. Variations in product density and granule size can affect flow rate. Wear and tear can affect the performance of the individual spreader
  2. Avoid over-dosing at all times. It is recommended that a lower setting is first tried to avoid the risk of over-dosing
  3. Always complete calibration check before first use and before use each season
  4. Always ensure the spreader is cleaned thoroughly after use to avoid deterioration of the spreading mechanism
  5. g/sq.m = grams per square metre

How to work out spreader settings (Calibrate)

If you can’t find your spreader in the list above you can work out which setting you should use:

Work out the area in m2 that you want to cover.  Weigh out a known amount of product recommended to treat that area and put it into the spreader hopper. In order to avoid any accidental damage to your lawn, first use the spreader to cover one square metre on a large sheet of plastic.  Collect the product with a dustpan and brush and weigh it (making sure you use an old container as ferrous sulphate can cause staining).

  • Repeat as necessary until you get the application rate given on the lawn product packet.
  • If you are over dosing, then turn down the spreader setting as soon as you suspect this is happening – don’t wait until you have over dosed the whole lawn


How to Use

How to Use

  • ‌Before inserting the appropriate Westland lawn product, always set the adjustable lever to zero
  • ‌Do not fill the spreader on the lawn. Place the spreader on a sheet of newspaper or plastic to avoid spillage on paths/patios

  • ‌Set calibration lever on top of the hopper to appropriate setting to start applying the product. It is important to start walking immediately after the lever is set as the product will start discharging from the spreader
  • ‌It is recommended to treat 2/3 stripes of lawn alongside fences and hedges to avoid having to make difficult manoeuvres along these perimeters. This will allow you to treat the rest of the lawn in stripes.

  • ‌Walk at a steady pace up and down the lawn, slightly overlapping the edges to prevent stripes until you have covered the required distance

  • ‌If rain does not fall within 48 hours, it is best to water the lawn thoroughly

  • ‌The lawn is safe for use by children and pets once the product has been watered in

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