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What to do if your natural rattan furniture gets soaked

Most owners of natural rattan garden furniture know that it doesn’t fare well in extreme weather conditions, whether it’s days of downpours or direct strong sunlight. However, anybody can get caught out. If your rattan furniture has got soaked in the rain, these emergency care measures will help restore it:

Keep the weight off

Rattan is a dried plant fibre that, when wet, may distort or break under pressure. If your furniture has got soaked through, keep all people and objects off it until it’s completely dry.

If somebody does sit in a chair and a sag is evident, turn the chair over and lay a damp cloth over the sagging area and frame to reverse it. This could take up to 12 hours. Afterwards, flip the chair upright and allow to fully dry before use.

Dry it out

Use some absorbent towels and gently press your rattan to wick off excess moisture. Make sure you apply even pressure and take care not to bend or distort the piece. You can use a hair dryer on a gentle heat to help the drying out process, but keep moving it around so that the fibres don’t become overdried and brittle.

Next, leave the furniture to fully air dry for a few days. The ideal choice is outside in dry conditions, but if weather is against you, try a non-humid room with circulating air from a fan.

Remember, this only applies to natural rattan garden furniture. If you have synthetic, you can leave it out in all weathers with no worries.

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