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Two ways to reduce water consumption in gardens

It’s possible to have a flourishing garden and reduce your overall water consumption at the same time. By making these two changes, you’ll be a more water-savvy gardener.

Careful, targeted watering

Overwatering can be a real issue. A hosepipe can use between 500 and 1,000 litres of water an hour, and all too often, we water too much and at the wrong time, wasting precious water in the process.

Wherever possible, water at the end of the day to avoid evaporation. Target your watering towards the base of the plant, so that you’re only soaking the roots, and not the surrounding area. Using a watering can rather than a hose allows you to control the amount of water used more easily. Watering less frequently encourages plants to root more deeply, which in turn helps protect them from drying out.

Install a water butt

Water butts are relatively inexpensive and enable you to collect rainwater, thus recycling essential resources. Many are attractively designed, unobtrusive and take up a surprisingly small amount of space. Easy to install and great for the environment, a water butt is a particularly good idea for the wetter parts of the country. Try to reuse water too – if you’re washing the car, cleaning the windows or scrubbing your rattan garden furniture, any rinsing water that’s free of detergent can be added to your water butt.

Saving water is just one of the many ways we can all become better, more eco-friendly gardeners.

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