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Three cleaning tips for a summer-ready deck or patio

Now that we’re all spending plenty of time at home, what better time to start thinking about giving your patio or decking area a good clean ready for the summer season?

The wet winter months can leave your outdoor seating area grimy and moss-covered, so here are a few tips to get decking or patios summer-ready.

1. Clear the decks

It’s time to deal with all your old planters, furniture and barbecues. Either clean and repair anything you are going to keep for another year, or look to replace with something new such as garden furniture from the Supremo Carina range. Clearing everything off your outdoor area is a must before you start any serious cleaning.

2. Concrete and stone

Sweep up all debris with a good large broom and then rinse down with either a hosepipe or pressure washer, being careful not to damage any border plants. Using a dish wash soap solution and warm water begin to scrub the floor with a deck brush. For stubborn stains, such as mold, try a weak solution of oxygen bleach and water, making sure to rinse well afterwards.

3. Wooden decking

Again, you want to start with a good brush and rinse to remove all debris and loosen ground in dirt. In a large bucket, dilute oxygen bleach with warm water, following the maker’s instructions, and apply vigorously with a deck scrubbing brush. Leave to stand for 15 minutes or so, then rinse off with a hose. Go back to any stubborn stains and repeat the process. When the deck is completely dry, you can decide whether a new coat of protective stain or varnish is needed.

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