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Switched on – why LED lights are the smart choice this Christmas

If you’ve been browsing the Christmas lights for sale in your local garden centre this year, you may have noticed that your traditional fairy lights have undergone something of a transformation.

Although strings of lights, like those used to decorate your Christmas tree, look pretty much as they always did, comprising tiny white or coloured lights branching off from one central wire, there is now a subtle difference. Many of the lighting sets you can now buy have made the switch to using LEDs.

You may suspect that LED lighting is expensive, and it was indeed pricey in the past. Recent technological developments, however, have ensured that LED lighting is more efficient, and less expensive, than ever before.

Today, LED lighting is not only affordable, but also far longer-lasting than traditional incandescent lighting. Older-style lightbulbs had to produce heat in order to emit light, making them more costly to run. They also needed replacing far more often, and whose household has never suffered that blown bulb that rendered the entire set of fairy lights redundant?

LED bulbs can last for decades, meaning that they are a very worthwhile investment that saves you time as well as money. No more time-consuming searching for the right bulb, or doing without a light when the bulb blows on the one and only day of the year when the shops are closed.

From fairy, cluster, chaser and tree lights to outdoor Christmas lighting, it’s well worth looking out for LED options next time you’re shopping for new Christmas lights.

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