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Make a Herb Container

Herb containers can make a beautiful and functional feature in your garden.

There is a wide range of herbs to choose from and they are easy to grow.  If you are a keen cook, then there’s nothing more convenient than being able to step outside and pick a handful of fresh herbs from a beautiful container.

Follow our guidelines for planting the perfect herb container:

You will need:

  • Container for planting

  • Vegetable growing compost

  • A selection of herbs

  • A trowel

  • A watering can or hose

  • Garden labels (optional)


  1. Choose a pot with good drainage and add a quality vegetable growing compost.

  2. Place the herb plants into the pot, with about 15cm between each stem.

  3. Place taller plants at the centre of your display and trailing ones towards the edge.

  4. Water well.

Which Herbs?

We have a wide selection of herbs to choose from.  Here are some firm customer favourites:

Mint – this vigorous herb is perfect in a summer mojito and it’ll even cope with difficult shady spaces.

Chives – brilliant in salads or as a garnish and will attract bees to the garden.  Ensure you keep well-watered.

Sage, Bay, Thyme and Rosemary – easy to grow, keep these kitchen staples near to the kitchen door and enjoy their aromatic smell.

Tips for Using Herbs

  • Add herbs to olive oil to create exciting marinades for the barbeque

  • Create your own herb pesto with olive oil, your choice of herbs, salt, pepper.  For an extra twist, add garlic, chilli flakes or lemon grass.

  • Blitz your herbs when fresh, bag and store in the freezer.  They will keep their colour and flavour for months.

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