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How to put on a dazzling Christmas light display

Although Christmas is fast approaching, there’s still time to delight the children in your neighbourhood by putting on your own dazzling display of Christmas lights. The sort of shows usually seen every December usually fall into one of the two following categories – although some people do like to combine the two styles to create a stunning look for their homes.

Contemporary and classy

Some people opt just for ice or warm white outdoor lights to brighten up those long December nights. A string of icicle lights hung from the roof can be very effective. You could display a couple or more of the outdoor twig trees with lights, instead of – or in addition to – the icicle lights.

Alternatively, you can get some lovely outdoor animals with cool or warm white lights. For example, several brightly-lit deer spread across the front lawn could turn your home into something special for the festive season.

Festive cheer

For some, it’s all about going all-out at Christmas, and for such folk, multicoloured lights are the way to go – whether that’s a series of string or cluster lights, or something that will really capture the imagination of the local children.

There are all kinds of brightly coloured figures you can buy, including even the Snowman and Snowdog from the ever-popular festive tale. Woodland creatures such as squirrels, foxes and owls are also very appealing. If you like the idea of trees, you can also obtain outdoor twig trees lit by multicoloured LEDS – perhaps the ideal compromise between colourful and classy.

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