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How to look after your pond in the summer

A pond is a wonderful addition to any garden, providing a cool, calm spot for your Outback reclining chair on hot summer days. You can keep your pond in top condition by following these simple tips.

Keep the water level topped up

Evaporation increases in warm weather, and this is of particular concern if you have fish, as the reduction in available oxygen can be harmful. The ideal solution is to use collected rainwater to top up the level – a water butt kept close to the pond makes this a very easy task. Tap water from a garden hose can be used too, but the cold water can be a shock for pond residents, so fill up your pond slowly to avoid problems.

Clear unwanted weeds and algae

Ponds can quickly be overwhelmed by weeds and unwanted algae, so a regular scoop out is the best way to keep these at bay. Use a fishing net, a hooked stick or even just your hands, but do check that you’re not lifting out any wildlife at the same time. Once you have a handful, move it gently from side to side to dislodge any of the creatures whose current home you’ve disturbed. Don’t worry – they’ll soon find another spot in the pond.

Cut back trees and shrubs that overhang the pond

To keep your pond safe, it’s always best to ensure the edges are clear and visible, so cut back any planting that masks the pond’s perimeters. If you have fish, frogs and other wildlife in your pond, make sure that they’re getting enough sunlight by pruning overhanging branches.

Looking after your pond well is a great way to create a haven for wildlife in your garden.

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