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How to give the perfect gift this Christmas

Contrary to what many retailers might want you to think, the art of gift giving is not about how much you spend, but about choosing a present that shows how well you know the recipient. A gift that has taken thought, planning and care will always trump one that is generic and could be for anyone and from anyone.

Choose well

A great tip is to avoid thinking about what someone needs and concentrate on what might bring them joy. An experience like a voucher for their favourite restaurant or a ticket for an exhibition by an artist they love, for example, demonstrates a personal touch. Even stocking fillers can be more tailored to your loved one’s tastes – packets of seeds for their favourite flowers, string lights in the shape of their favourite animal or a bar of that unusually flavoured chocolate they like all make great, personal choices.

Make it personal

There are plenty of small, artisan online retailers offering kitchenware, framed prints, clothing and jewellery that can all be personalised with names, dates or personal messages, and the same goes for cards.

Wrap with care

A beautifully wrapped gift is a delight and, once again, is a demonstration of thoughtfulness and care. Finding the right size of gift box helps, as does some pretty ribbon and a wrapping paper choice that suits the person receiving the gift.

Make someone you love smile this Christmas by taking the time to find the perfect gift.

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