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How to create a mini herb garden

If you buy pots of herbs from the supermarket, use a small amount, forget to water them and then feel guilty about throwing them away, planting your own mini herb garden might be a better option. This will provide you with a more environmentally friendly, guilt-free source of herbs to liven up your dishes – here’s how to get started.

Pick a spot and container

Ease of access is the key here. With the best will in the world, you’re not going to be inclined to cross a muddy lawn in the rain to reach a tucked-away plant, so find the sunniest spot you can right by the kitchen door. Most herbs just need a bit of sun, a small amount of space and regular watering. Whether you opt for a rectangular planter, a raised bed or a window box, you’ll need decent drainage and some well-fertilised soil, and you’re then ready to get started.

Planting your herb garden

Basil, coriander, dill, tarragon and a host of other commonly used annual herbs grow happily together in the same space, and they’ll expand to fit the space available. Planting from seed increases your chances of a strong, healthy plant, but if time is an issue, just pop some supermarket-bought plants in and you’ll still get a good result. Perennials like mint, rosemary, sage and thyme will need some pruning, but they’ll keep your herb garden ticking over year on year.

Have an Outback reclining chair close by and you’ll be all set to savour both the taste and the aromatic fragrances of your mini herb garden.

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