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Four gentle ways to keep cats away from your garden

Many people adore cats, and wanting to keep your well-kept garden free from them doesn’t mean you don’t like them. However, if you’ve spent time growing and nurturing your garden, it’s reasonable to want to avoid it getting dug up or used as a toilet! So, how can you gently keep your garden cat free?

1. Keep borders watered well

This is a good idea for your plants anyway if there is a hot, dry spell on the go. However, many cats hate wet soil under the paws so keeping your borders well hydrated could help deter them.

2. Plant prickly things

If you have an area that you really want to keep cat free or that they insist on travelling through, try planting some naturally prickly plant species. It won’t hurt them but will be a natural deterrent to wandering. You can also try planting shrubs close together so there’s less room to move around.

3. Pebbles and stone

Use small stones, gravel or chippings rather than soil so that there’s much less incentive to dig.

4. Water sprays

You can buy motion detection sprinkler or spray systems that will release some water in the direction of movement. Again, this won’t hurt a cat but, as they don’t like getting wet, they will probably learn that your garden isn’t much fun for them!

In addition to all this, it is sensible to have a garden enclosure that is difficult for cats to enter, and it goes without saying that you should avoid feeding them.

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