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Five essential herb growing tips

Home-grown herbs can be one of the best things to come out of your garden. Summer salads and sizzling barbecues are all the tastier with the addition of a few sprigs of freshly picked herbs. To make the most of your herb garden, here are our five essential tips for successful and productive growing.

1. Drainage is important

Herbs thrive in fertile, well-drained soil, so pick your site carefully. If drainage is a problem, plant your herbs in large pots where you can control the drainage or create a raised bed especially for your herb garden.

2. Remember accessibility

Good access to your herb garden will not only make picking so much easier, but by using a hard path of pebbles or concrete to surround your plants, the reflection of the sun and light will also ensure that warmth is reflected back onto the herbs to help with chilly nights.

3. Less is more

Herbs can grow quite happily without a great deal of fertiliser or plant feed, so keep this to a minimum. In fact, overfed herbs tend to be a little less flavoursome, so the rule ‘less is more’ is very applicable here.

4. Avoid acid soil

The best growing conditions for herbs is in a neutral or slightly alkaline soil. Check your soil acidity levels before planting, or plant in a container to be absolutely sure.

5. Optimise for sunshine and warmth

Choose a nice sunny corner of your garden for the best results. Herbs love the sun and your crops will be so much tastier and full of flavour.

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