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Benefits of twig Christmas trees

Unlike an artificial Christmas tree, which mimics the needles and cones of an evergreen fir tree, twig trees take the shape of a leafless natural winter branch or tree, so the silhouette is slimmer and more architectural.

Like all artificial trees, twig trees are available in a wide range of heights, come pre-lit, and the larger ones come in easily stored sections. Read on for some of the benefits of choosing a twig tree this Christmas.

Tradition meets modernity

The tradition of decorating our homes with branches and boughs is an ancient one, and pine, birch and holly have all been used for generations. Trees like hazel and willow are popular choices too, along with the striking red of dogwood. Opting for an artificial twig tree means you have all the shape and impact of these natural branches, but you also have a decorative piece that you can use year on year and stays looking crisp throughout the Christmas period.

High impact, low effort

A twig Christmas tree makes an ideal choice for a second tree, a smaller space or just as an additional decoration. Pre-lit trees can add a lovely, soft glow to a room at night and create a welcoming, warm light in porches and hallways. Left undecorated, they provide a simple, structured focal point, but can also look stunning if hung with ornaments. In fact, a white twig tree, for example, offers a blank canvas for you to decorate with baubles that tie in with your room’s colour scheme.

Finally, twig trees are extremely versatile – they look great sitting alongside more traditional decorations, but can make a sharp, angular statement as part of a modern, minimalistic decorative style.

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