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Lawn care and other garden jobs for September

We’ve covered fruit, vegetables and flowers, but don’t neglect the rest of your garden – especially your lawn. After all, you do want a nice view from that Supremo Bari garden furniture you bought this summer!

New grass

If you want to repair, add to, or grow a new lawn, then autumn is the perfect time to do so. Check with the supplier of your exact type of turf or seed, and lay or sow according to the instructions.

Raise the blades

As grass growth will start to slow down with the arrival of autumn, now is the time to raise your mower blades. You can also gradually decrease the frequency of mowing.

Lawn maintenance

Rake any dead leaves or thatch from your lawn first, then spike areas that have been subject to heavy summer traffic with a garden fork or aerator to encourage healthy new growth. At this time, you can sow seed into bare patches, as well as applying a dedicated lawn top dressing as per pack directions. At the end of the month, you may also feed the lawn with a potassium-rich autumn fertiliser that’s low in nitrogen.

Pond matters

Your pond can also benefit from some early autumn TLC. Using a rake, net or pond vacuum, clear any debris, especially after windy weather. Remove algae and pond weed, and cover the area with netting if necessary to prevent fallen leaves rotting in the water.

Keep clear

In readiness for strong autumn winds and heavy rain, check and clear any pond filters or pumps, as well as garden water butts and downpipes.

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