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Essential checklist for May

Lawn Care

  • Mow lawns weekly.
  • Start your lawn care treatment now. Apply a triple action lawn treatment that will kill weeds and moss and provide a greener lawn.
  • Repair lawn patches.

Pruning & Protecting

  • Now is the time to prune back spring flowering shrubs taking care not to disturb nesting birds.
  • Divide clumps of spring bulbs
  • Put down slug repellent around any newly emerging perennials and freshly planted bedding plants.
  • Take care not to disturb nesting birds.

Get Planting!

  • Fill hanging baskets, containers and borders with Begonias, Marigolds and Fuchsias for a delightful display.
  • Once planted feed weekly with a quality plant feed.

Feed for extra growth

  • Harden off young vegetable plants for outdoor planting and feed leafy veg with a good quality fertilizer.
  • Feed tomato plants once the fruits have set.
  • Sow pumpkins, runner beans, lettuce and leeks

Tackle Weeds

  • Don’t let weeds get a stronghold in your garden. Use a good quality weed killer spray for borders and pathways.
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