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Peckish Complete Easy Feeder – 400g


Peckish Complete Easy Feeder is packed with 12 ingredients from our Complete Seed & Nut Mix. It has been formulated to attract a wide variety of garden birds.

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  • Ready to use
  • Pre-filled with Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix
  • Re-fillable



Product Details

Why Use

More Seeds for the Birds

Peckish Complete is packed with 12 ingredients from our Complete Seed & Nut Mix, specially chosen to attract a wide variety of birds

No MessHusk Free

The seed husks have been removed so there is no waste or mess

Calvita® Vitamin Mix

Enriched with our unique blend of vitamins and nutrients that garden birds need to stay healthy. Calvita® includes…..

  • Carotenoids — Develops feather colour and protects from sunlight damage
  • Calcium —Promotes bone & feather growth and essential for egg production
  • Vitamins A, D, E & Biotin —Strengthens beaks & bones and helps growth & reproduction


  • Kibbled Wheat
  • Red Millet
  • Red Dari
  • Kibbled Maize
  • Naked Oats
  • Flaked Naked Oats
  • Sunflower Hearts
  • White Millet
  • Safflower Seed
  • Kibbled Peanuts
  • Pinhead Oats
  • Oyster Shell Grit

What to Expect

Peckish Complete Easy Feeder will attract the following birds:

  • Dunnock
  • Robin
  • House Sparrow
  • Goldfinch
  • Bullfinch
  • Blue Tit
  • Chaffinch
  • Greenfinch
  • Coal Tit
  • Long Tailed Tit
  • Great Tit
  • Song Thrush and many more!

You can refill and re-use this feeder too!

  • VITAMINS A,D,E & BIOTIN – Strengthens beaks & bones and helps growth & reproduction


  • Kibbled Peanuts, Kibbled Sunflower Hearts
  • Pinhead Oats, Red Dari, White Millet
  • Red Millet
  • Suet Pellets, Nyger
  • Black Rape Seed
  • Coconut Chips
  • Gammarus
  • Oyster Shell Grit
  • Energy Equivalent – 530 KCalories/100gms

What to Expect

Peckish Blue Tit Seed Mix attracts the following birds:

  • Blue Tit
  • Coal Tit
  • Great Tit
  • Long Tailed Tit
  • Willow Tit




Tips & Advice

Feeding Tips

  • With food resources scarcer now, it is essential to feed garden birds all year round.
  • Once you have started to feed the birds it is important to continue this, and develop a routine, as the birds will become reliant upon your help.
  • Provide food throughout the whole year especially during breeding, nesting and fledgling periods.
  • Locate feeders stations near cover so that they’re easily accessible, but not too close if there is a risk of predators.


  • Always ensure garden birds have plenty of fresh clean water for drinking and bathing
  • Clean feeding and drinking areas regularly with a mild disinfectant
  • Keep food fresh and dry, removing any wet food to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases


  • Contains nuts
  • Keep packaging away from children to avoid suffocation.
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Best used within 3 months of opening
  • Not suitable for human consumption

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are the birds not visiting my feeders?

A. It is not uncommon for birds to take some time to visit new feeders or food that is offered. It can be down to the species in your area and other food resources that are available. Make sure you are providing some cover for the birds and make available some fresh drinking water.

Q. Why are the birds discarding some seeds?

A. Wild birds are selective over what they eat and when. It is not that they do not like it but they might have another source or they don’t need it right now. Never remove or stop feeding these seeds as shortages can happen at any time.

Q. Would the discarded seed grow below my feeder?

A. Peckish Complete is a no mess mix which means all the husks have been removed however it is not a “no grow” mix. Given the right conditions the seed could germinate.

Q. Where do the birds land?

A. This feeder has pull out perches in the base, birds will happily use these to perch on whilst feeding.

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