Christmas at Burleydam

Christmas is in full swing at Burleydam Garden Centre.  For Christmas we have everything you need to create a magical home with our on trend mood boards.  Update existing decorations with new colour accents or create a whole new look!

A Night at the Theatre

Christmas goes to town! The richest of colours and textures make up this rich and glowing theme.

Colour Palette: Deep Red, Burgundy, Ecclesiastical Purple

Tip: Gold and bronze will happily mix with this theme so you can quickly bring your existing decorations up-to-date.

Christmas Angel

Bring peace and calm to your Christmas décor with this soothing yet sophisticated theme.

Colour Palette:  Deep Gold, Classic Cream

Tip: Cream and gold may well complement your existing décor so add candle holders and table linens that can be used all year round.

Festive Peacock

Amazing! How can all these wonderful colours combine and look so Christmassy? Revolving around the peacock motif with its brilliant hues, this colour palette is a favourite.

Colour Palette: Deep turquoise, Hot Pink, Purple

Tip: Swap out red from your current theme and replace with an assortment of good-value baubles in pink and turquoise to instantly update your tree.

Winter Walk

White brings peace and calm to the busiest season of the year. Add in taupe and silver and watch your snow scene take on Scandinavian style and hygge!

Colour Palette: White, Taupe, Silver

Tip: Fur (or fleece) throws are the perfect way to give your British sofa instant Scandi-style.

Frosted Garden

We dream of looking out at the garden on a frosty Christmas morning – so this year make it come true with our glistening, ice-edged festive theme.

Colour Palette: Silver, Forest Green, Mossy Brown

Tip: Wrap plain church candles in fresh ivy and bind with hairy string. Place different sizes together on a wooden or silvery tray to make a stunning table centre.

Dreams and Wishes

If only all our dreams were of rainbows and unicorns!  Gto bed on Christmas Eve and who knows what you will wake up to?

Colour Palette: Pink, Blue, Silver with Sparkling Glass

Tip: Everyone needs a little magic at Christmas – make a wish and hang up your special bauble…

Llama Fest

What on earth do llamas have to do with Christmas? Just what we asked ourselves! But take a look at the joyful colours of South America and you see a celebration at every turn.

Colour Palette:

Tip: Just a few pieces of this wonderful theme will bring Latino style to your home and a fiesta to your Christmas!

Rose Fairy

Gisela Graham’s exquisite fairies were the inspiration for this delicate theme.

Colour Palette: Deep Rose-Red, Clear Sparkling Glass

Tip: A twiggy branch placed into a heavy-based bottle will display the delicate Rose Fairy perfectly. Add crystal-clear baubles and some tiny battery-operated lights for the perfect centrepiece.

Anything but Tinsel!

Sometimes we just feel the need for a change from traditional Christmas decorations.

Colour Palette: Copper, Denim Blue, Rose Gold

Tip: Modern ‘open branch’ artificial trees look great with this theme. Twig stars used low down in the tree add bulk and texture and warm-white or amber coloured lights will bring a warm glow.

My Animals & Other Family

Celebrate with all the family this year. Stockings, baubles and treats for four-legged friends and little ones will make sure everyone is included. A mini tree with colour themed baubles and a string of fairy lights are perfect for children’s rooms.

Tip: This year we can personalise a bauble for newborns or any member of the family. Full details in this brochure.