Ronseal Fencelife Plus + – 5L – Midnight Blue

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Ronseal Fencelife Plus + – 5L – Midnight Blue


This is our toughest and most versatile fence and shed treatment yet. It protects against rain, frost, snow and it won’t grey in the sun. It can be used on rough sawn and smooth planed sheds and fences and it lasts for up to five years.

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  • All Weather Protection
  • Sticks to Damp Wood
  • Brush or Spray On
  • 5 Year Protection for rough sawn & smooth wood
  • 5 Litres
  • Colour lasts for up to five years
  • Showerproof in one hour
  • Can be used on sheds and fences
  • Protects against rain, snow, frost and UV damage

How to Use

How to paint your fence?

Before you start

  1. Fence Life Plus can be applied when the wood is damp, but not dripping wet. So if it’s rained that day, you need to wait for five hours before putting it on.
  2. The treatment can’t be applied in the rain. It needs to be a warm, dry day with temperatures above 10°C. Cold weather will stop it from properly drying and it might wash off.
  3. Make sure the wood is clean and use a stiff brush to remove any dirt.

Rough sawn wood requires two coats, smooth planed wood needs three coats and if you’re wood is weathered, you may need to apply an extra coat.

Fence Life Plus is safe to use around pets and plants.

It can’t be used on decking or garden furniture – we have other products that can help you with that job.


You can apply Fence Life Plus with either a brush or sprayer.


  1. Check that you’re happy with the colour by applying it to a small hidden patch and leaving it to dry.
  2. If you are happy with the colour, get loads of Fence Life Plus on your brush.
  3. Apply a thick coat. If you notice drips, brush them in.
  4. Leave four hours for the first coat to dry. Asses the fence to see if you need to apply another.


  1. Pour the Fence Life Plus into the tank.
  2. Pump up your sprayer or turn it on and start spraying. Use long, sweeping horizontal arm movements.
  3. Move along the full width of the fence panel, drop down and do the same again.

Overlap each pass by 50% for proper coverage.



If you notice any spots of damage on your wood, simply apply another coat to protect it.


If you get any Fence Life Plus on plants, paving or other surfaces, clean it up straight away with soapy water before it dries.

Remove as much product as possible off your brush and then clean it with warm soapy water.

Sprayers need to be kept clean to work properly. You should never leave any product in the sprayer. To remove it, flush it out with water and make sure the wand and nozzle are clean. Your sprayer will have full instructions on how to properly clean it.

The tub of your sprayer should be stored upright to keep it secure and prevent spills.

You should never dispose of Fence Life Plus into drains or watercourses. Contact your local council to find out how to properly dispose of it.

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