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When spring and summer roll around each year, there’s always that urge to go and spruce up your garden and enjoy the good weather.


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The best way to enjoy your garden and the sunshine is to make sure you have somewhere comfy to sit. Lounge sets are ideal if you want to take your indoor comfort outside, as they can effectively become your outdoor sofa.

What types are there?

There are a few different types of lounge set, and it all depends on what size your garden is and what you intend to use your lounge sets for.

Most lounge sets come with soft cushions and a matching table so that you can enjoy drinks and snacks on your patio. Some of these are even fully weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about bringing the cushions inside if it rains.

Other lounge sets can be bought with fire pits built into the table, for the ultimate cosy experience.

If you have a large garden or even a pool, sun loungers are great for catching the rays.

Are lounge sets right for me?

Ultimately, whether to purchase a lounge set comes down to the size of your garden and your intended use.

Large gardens with more flexibility or storage options can benefit from lounge sets that are extendable or adjustable, and the more guests you are expecting, the more chairs and cushions you might want to think about.

Smaller, more intimate gatherings can still benefit from lounge sets as they can be pleasantly cosy with the added velvety cushions.

There are also lounge sets for one or two of you, if you enjoy basking in the sunshine in peace and quiet. It is worth taking a look around to see what might be best suited to your needs.

Can I match my lounge set to my garden?

If you have a specific colour scheme or a certain look and feel to your garden, there are many different lounge sets that will complement your style.

Most lounge sets can be purchased in neutral colours and sturdy materials such as rattan, so if there is a lot of colour in your garden, they won’t clash and will fit in nicely.

At Burleydam Garden Centre, we offer a wide range of lounge sets in differing styles and prices to suit any garden and budget. Have a browse through our styles and see what might accentuate your garden.

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