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Top tips for decorating your Christmas tree

If you’ve ever wondered how public Christmas trees look so appealing, or perhaps you’ve envied your neighbour’s display, read on for a few simple tips to give your Christmas tree the perfect festive look:

Start with the lights

You can leave the grand switch on to the end, but start with your Christmas lights when decorating your tree. Wrap them from the base up and back round again, sticking close to the trunk at first, then working outwards.

Wrap your garland

There are a variety of garlands available, from ribbons and beads on a string to paper, and you could choose to either have one type or mix it up. Start from the top of your tree and work down the branches.

As a general rule of thumb, aim for two strands of garland per vertical foot of tree to avoid a cluttered or bunched effect. The thinner the garland, the more you should drape branch by branch. Thicker garlands can be loosely wrapped around the entire tree.


Your ornaments and baubles should be last to go on your tree. Start with your favourites in the most visible spots, and then move on to the rest, spacing them out evenly – bigger baubles to the bottom, smaller to the top, and don’t forget the areas close to the trunk. Adding some light reflecting ornaments will give your tree depth and sparkle.

Last but not least is, of course, a tree topper, before switching on the lights for the big reveal. Have a final look to see if there are any bare patches, then sit back and enjoy the festive feeling.

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