Westland Gro-Sure Tomato Gro-Pack – One Plant


Gro-Sure® Tomato Gro-Pack One Plant is a nutrient-rich compost that promotes strong root growth and sustains healthy plant development.


  • Enriched with tomato feed – feeds for 6 weeks
  • Perfect for growing 1 plant
  • Extra deep – more roots, more tomatoes
  • Ideal for smaller spaces – patios, balconies & roof top gardens

Product Details

Why Use

Gro-Sure Tomato Gro-Pack is enriched with potash for improved crop quality and abundant fruiting. Gro-Sure’s unique moisture retention technology reduces the risk of blossom end rot and actively feeds the tomato plants for 6 weeks.

Tips & Advice

General Advice

  • Keep compost moist. Water every day in hot weather to prevent drying out. If necessary, cut some holes in the bottom of the Gro-Pack to avoid water logging
  • Use Gro-Sure Tomato Food when the first flower truss appears and re-feed every 2-3 waterings
  • Carefully place a cane (or use string and supports) in the compost to support the plant as it grows
  • Store in a dry frost free space away from weedkillers and other garden chemicals
  • Keep Gro-Pack sealed until it is required for use


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my pets or wildlife be attracted to this product?

A. Gro-Sure Tomato Gro-Pack does not contain any ingredients that are attractive to animals.

Q. Can I use this compost for fruit as well as vegetables?

A. Yes, you will get great results with this compost. After 6 weeks, we recommend supplementary feeding of nutrient hungry plant swith a relevant feed such as Gro-Sure Tomato Food.

Q. Can I use this compost in a planter, container or raised bed?

A. Yes, this can be used anywhere indoors or out to grow plants.