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Lifestyle Garden Samoa 120cm Square Casual Dining Corner Set & Sofa Chairs




The Samoa range has been exclusively designed in collaboration with The Eden Project, featuring PVC free and recycled or recyclable materials, all manufactured in a sustainable way.
The Samoa range is manufactured from light and sturdy rust-free aluminum frames combined with in-house extruded and fully recyclable PVC free Petan® fibers.

All Samoa tables tops are manufactured from sustainable FSC Duraboard®, our unique blend of high quality RECYCLED eucalyptus sawdust and polyethylene resin, extruded to create a strong, durable structure.

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  • The stylish Petan wicker is a weather resistant, maintenance free, 100% recyclable handwoven synthetic wicker with excellent colour fastness
  • The weave is supported by an aluminium frame, which is both lightweight & rust proof
  • The Table has a high or Low option giving you multi use as a Coffee or Dining Table.
  • The Duraboard Table Top is weather resistant, maintenance free and highly UV-resistant
  • The high-quality polyester cushions are easy to maintain and extremely durable, with an appearance which resembles a linen fabric
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.






  • 1 x Samoa Low Back Left & Right Sofa Set & Cushions
  • 2 x Samoa Sofa Chairs & Cushions
  • 1 x Samoa 120cm Square Adjustable Height Table  with Duraboard Top


  • Samoa Right Low Back Sofa – L158cm x W71cm x H77cm
  • Samoa Left Low Back Sofa – L222cm x W71cm x H77m
  • Samoa Adjustable Table – L120cm x W120cm x H68cm
  • Samoa Sofa Chair – L80cm x W66cm x H78cm

Duraboard Table Tops



  • Durable finish.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Unique to the market.



  1. Is Duraboard suitable for use outdoors throughout the year and in all types of weather?
  • Duraboard®products can be used outside throughout the year and has been tested in all types of weather with outstanding results
  1. Will Duraboard colours change over time?
  • Duraboard®retains its original colour for many years.
  1. Is Duraboard safe for the environment?
  • Duraboard®is manufactured using recycled material and is FSC
  1. Does Duraboard require special maintenance?
  • Duraboard®requires no maintenance and can be cleaned easily using soap and water.
  1. Does Duraboard require special maintenance?
  • All Duraboard®products come with a 5-year warranty.


Petan Weave



Petan® is our environmentally friendly, durable and weather resistant wicker which has a natural colour and feel. Petan® has been developed to provide the highest levels of performance for use in outdoor furniture.

Petan® is made from raw polyethylene mixed with eco-friendly colour additives, making it 100% recyclable. Also, unlike other producers of synthetic wicker, LifestyleGarden® uses no harmful chemicals to make Petan®.

Our specially formulated blends give the Petan® fibre its unique look and extra strength and also produce a surface that is extremely comfortable to sit on while also being able to withstand heavy use. Petan® has excellent colour fastness and is also very flexible, meaning complex weaves can be achieved to create beautiful designs.


Petan® is made with a combination of raw polyethylene and eco-friendly colourants which is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Petan® does not contain harmful heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and chromium which can be found in the products of other manufacturers.


  1. Is Petan suitable for use outdoors throughout the year and in all types of weather?
  • Petan®is ideal for use outdoors throughout the year and is made and tested to the highest levels of performance in a range of weather conditions.
  1. Will the appearance of Petan change over time?
  • Petan®products will retain their colour as only the highest-grade colour pigment is used to ensure maximum colour fastness. However if Petan is subjected to extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time, the colour may fade slightly.
  1. Is Petran safe for the environment?
  • Petan®is made with a combination of raw polyethylene and eco-friendly colourants which are 100% recyclable.
  1. Does Petan require special maintenance?
  • Petan® requires no maintenance and can be cleaned easily using soap and water.
  1. Do Petan products have a warranty ?
  • All Petan®products come with a 5-year limited warranty, see the Warranty Conditions TAB.



Polyester Cushions




LifestyleGarden® only uses fabrics with excellent weather-resistant properties for extreme durability in all climates:

Polyester is used for its high-quality performance and appearance which is a result of the woven structures that resemble a linen fabric.


  • Excellent colour fastness.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • 2 Year Limited warranty , see the Warranty Conditions TAB.

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