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If birdsong forms the soundtrack to your early mornings, it’s easy to assume that your local bird population is thriving. Whilst they might well be busy, loud and visible, environmental issues and loss of habitat means that life is far from easy for many common birds, and so it’s vital we all make our gardens as bird friendly as possible, which is where bird care comes in.

Bird food

Here at Burleydam Garden Centre, we stock an impressive range of pre-mixed bird feed, which includes all the nutritious seeds, grains and nuts that wild birds need. In fact, if you’re keen to attract specific species, you can opt for a tailor-made mix. For example, robins and blackbirds have smaller, weaker bills and need de-husked seeds, whilst goldfinches are particularly partial to a mix of Niger seed, sunflower seed, hulled sunflower, millet, fruit, suet and peanuts.

In addition to seed mixes, protein-rich mealworms provide an important energy source, and birds also need fat in their diet. Pre-formed fat balls, which include seeds and mealworms, provide birds with a feast that meets all of their nutrition needs.

Bird feeders

Wherever you put it, birds will find any food you put out for them, but hanging bird feeders, bird tables and tree-mounted platforms make the process easier and safer for your feathered visitors. If you have a mixture of large birds like magpies and pigeons feeding alongside smaller species like tits and sparrows, a hanging globe feeder specially designed for small birds can be extremely helpful. Water is increasingly important as we move into summer.
Refresh water daily and top up even more regularly in especially hot weather. A plastic water feeder that replenishes after each bird visit is an ingenious way to guarantee a safe water supply.

Nest boxes

As well as providing birds with a safe space in which to have their young, nest boxes can be an attractive addition to your garden. Available in pretty pastel colours and beach hut-style designs, among others, nest boxes are easy to fix on a tree trunk or can be attached to a fence. The higher you can place your nest box, the better, especially if you have curious pets!

Birds are vital to our ecosystem and such a delight to have in our gardens. Browse through our bird care range at Burleydam Garden Centre and equip yourself with all that you need to be a true wild bird supporter.

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