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Gas BBQs

Love a BBQ, but hate the mess and the endless waiting for the coals to heat up? A gas BBQ offers instant heat and, just like your gas hob, has temperature controls so you can cook food evenly. We have a variety of gas BBQs on offer, with something for every lifestyle.

Large BBQ units

If you plan on feeding a large number of people, a large, covered gas BBQ is the obvious choice. With up to six gas burners, a warming plate and plenty of utensil storge built in, these sturdy, professional style BBQs can be standalone units, rather like a range cooker, or sit within a built-in outdoor kitchen. Many models have LED back-lit gas controls to keep you cooking after dark, and a lid thermometer for monitoring internal temperature. These larger, more expensive BBQs are a wise investment for anyone who regularly entertains on a large scale and are intended to remain in a fixed position.

Medium-sized, portable BBQs

With either two or four burners, mid-sized gas BBQs are still more than capable of feeding a large group of family and friends, but are often on castors, are lighter, and therefore can be moved around the garden more easily. If storage is an issue, most models come with sturdy, weather-resistant covers, necessary if you haven’t got garage or shed space available for wet weather and over the winter months.

Small, portable BBQs

A gas BBQ doesn’t have to be big. If you’re cooking for fewer people or if space is limited to a balcony or yard area, small two-burner gas BBQs come integrated into a trolley or as a compact tabletop unit and function just as well as larger models, but only occupy a small space.

Fuel choices

Propane and butane are both used as fuel for BBQs. Butane tends to appropriate for smaller, camping style grills, as it is quick to reach optimum heat and performs well in warm weather but flows less readily in colder conditions due to its higher boiling point. Propane has a much lower boiling point, which means it is effective all-year-round and isn’t limited by cooler weather, making it the better choice for more committed outdoor cooks.

Arm yourself with accurate measurements of your available space and browse through our full range of gas BBQs here at Burleydam Garden Centre. You’ll soon be wowing guests with your al fresco culinary skills!

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