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Why gardening is so good for you

April is National Gardening Month, so there’s no better time to list all the ways in which gardening benefits you, your

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Why you should add potted palms to your garden

The UK may not be tropical, but a surprising number of exotic palm varieties can thrive here, and their architectural shapes and frond-like foliage can …

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Garden Care

How to update your tired pots and containers

Spring is the ideal time to audit your pots and containers, decide which shrubs and perennials you can save and which pots need fully replenishing, …

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Garden Furniture

How to look after your garden cushions

Garden furniture can be a costly investment, so it makes sense to take the best possible care of soft furnishings, which aren’t as weatherproof as …

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Grow Your Own

How to grow brassicas at home

If you’re a fan of cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, turnip, swede, cabbage or sprouts, make this the year you cultivate your own. Here are a few …

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Grow Your Own

Tips for growing tomatoes

Perhaps the most versatile of garden produce, many of us love the juicy sweetness of fresh tomatoes in a salad and the aromatic, peppery taste …

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