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Grow Your Own

Three trees to grow in pots

We usually think of trees as immovable, slow-growing and tall, but there are considerable advantages to growing smaller specimens in pots. If you’re renting, you

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Start composting on Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, which is all about prompting us to reduce the negative impact we have on the environment. Composting is perhaps the single …

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Three vegetarian BBQ recipes

If the extent of your plant-based BBQ cooking is hopping off your rattan garden furniture and hastily throwing a few vegetarian sausages on the grill …

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Garden Care

Simple guide to growing sunflowers

The giraffe of the horticulture world, there’s something joyful about the yellow smiling face of a ridiculously tall sunflower. It’s no surprise that children absolutely …

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Insects and animals

Why we should encourage bats to visit our gardens

Misunderstood and often demonised, bats are vital to our fragile ecosystem, hence their status as a protected species. While they may not be the cuddliest …

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Garden Care

Low-cost ways to brighten up your garden

If you’re about to whip off your Garland garden furniture covers and send out invites to your first BBQ of the year, you may be …

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