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Seed vs. turf – which is the best option for you?

Perhaps you’ve moved into a brand-new home that has no lawn, want to extend an existing lawn, or replace a pond, rockery or flower bed with a patch of grass. Growing a lawn from seed can be cheaper than turf, and perhaps easier than you might think. However, growing a lawn from turf gives instant results, and can be quicker, although you still need to prepare carefully. It is often a better option for those with children or pets, as the lawn can be used once more within a couple of days.

Timing is everything

As usual, getting your timing right can be the key.


Grass seed germinates well during mid-spring around April, or in early autumn when the ground is still warm from summer during September, October or November. The latter is the best time of year, as seedlings should be well established before frost sets in.


Mid-autumn is the optimum time for laying turf, although it can be laid right up until the end of winter. If laying in spring, the turf will require watering during dry weather in summer, which is why laying turf from April to September is best avoided if possible.


A turf lawn can used far sooner than one sown from seed, making this an ideal option for busy families. Once laid, it is maintenance free, apart from the need to water until it has rooted well into the soil beneath.


Turf is more expensive than grass seed, but like Lifestyle garden furniture, can be a great garden investment.

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