Gardening jobs for July – Greenhouse

Midsummer is a prime time for the greenhouse, and there are many tasks that need to be tackled by gardeners who grow under glass. If you want to enjoy your fresh produce as much as your Norfolk Leisure Life garden furniture, you should tend to the following this month.

Water daily

Check your plants every day, and water during the cooler morning or evening to help avoid water evaporation.

Feed the veg

Feed chilies, tomatoes and cucumbers with a tomato fertiliser to encourage fruits to grow.


Cucumbers can be trained up supports via the main stem, and you can pinch out any side shoots after flowering or fruiting.

Open up

Open your greenhouse door and any windows or vents during hot weather to assist with air circulation, and prevent your greenhouse becoming too much of a hothouse.

Get shady

Use shade paint or blinds to protect your plants from overheating when the sun shines.

Damp down

To raise humidity and help prevent red spider mite invasion, dampen down the greenhouse floor during hot, dry spells.

A sticky end

Hang sticky strips that will catch flying insects, as well as guiding you regarding any required pest control.

Pest watch

Watch out for pests such as aphids and vine weevils so you can quickly get any infestations under control.

Plug plants

If you’ve grown any plug plants, now is the time to harden them and plant outside.

Sweep up

Sweep away any fallen leaves, petals or other debris, to help prevent the spread of fungal diseases and keep the place tidy.