Bird foods and the species they attract

Different kinds of bird food tend to appeal to different species. If you want to increase your chances of seeing certain birds, read on to find out which foods your favourite breed prefers, and look out for their visit next time you’re enjoying the sun from your Supremo Barcelona garden furniture.

Bird seed mixes

Flaked maize appeals to blackbirds, while small seeds like millet attract a range of species including sparrows, collared doves, finches, reed bunting and dunnocks.

Nyjer seeds

These little black seeds are rich in oil, and best used with a specially designed feeder. They attract goldfinches, greenfinches, tits, siskins, great spotted woodpeckers and nuthatches, so if you want to see some colourful birds, these are a great choice.


Peanuts need to be used with care. Offer only crushed, chopped or grated nuts as whole ones or large pieces can cause choking, particularly in juveniles. They can also contain a toxin, so purchase only from a reliable source such as a garden centre. Wrens, robins, dunnocks, coal tits and nuthatches like peanuts.


Fresh, live mealworms might attract species such as blue tits, robins and pied wagtails.

Insect-eating bird food

Wrens and treecreepers can be tempted to visit your garden if you provide bird food that is designed for insect-eating species.

Pet food

Food made for dogs or cats can be enjoyed by blackbirds, who might even feed it to their young. Provide either wet pet food or soaked biscuits, as dry food can cause choking. Be aware that this can also attract seagulls, magpies and crows, as well as cats.