Why choose Lifestyle Garden furniture?

Lifestyle Garden furniture is built to last. The range includes outdoor dining tables and chairs and modular sets that can be arranged just as you please. Lifestyle Garden prides itself on producing pieces that are as stylish as they are durable. The company also has a responsible attitude to the environment, and the furniture is designed to have a minimal impact.

Lifestyle Garden materials

The planning of every good piece of furniture begins with the materials used. Lifestyle Garden likes to use natural wood and metal as well as high specification synthetic materials that offer superb levels of weather resistance.


FSC-certified teak is either recycled or responsibly sourced from the Indonesian island of Java, and gives each table or seat crafted from it a warm golden finish that has natural weather resistant properties.


Eucalyptus wood is also used, and Lifestyle Garden enhances this using its very own ‘Duragrain’ coating. This enriches the woodgrain as well as protecting each piece from the elements.


Lifestyle Garden’s ‘Duraboard’ is material made from excess factory products – namely synthetic wicker and eucalyptus sawdust. It requires no maintenance, resists cracking, scratching and UV damage, and is designed to last a lifetime.


Duranite can be used frequently even in adverse weather conditions, and it gives table tops a smooth, scratch-resistant finish.


Duresin is made from virgin polypropylene and contains absolutely no chemical pollutants. Perfect for outdoor usage, it can also be recycled.


A synthetic, more weatherproof and robust form of rattan, petan is made from recyclable polyethylene and eco-friendly dyes.


Aluminium and cast aluminium is given Lifestyle Garden’s unique ‘Duracoat’ coating, giving it a stylish, weatherproof finish. Unusual and ergonomic shapes can be created thanks to diecast technology.


The fabrics used are durable, weather resistant and easy to clean, while being designed to mimic the look of woven natural linen.


Top quality rope is handwoven from olefin yarn. This gives a cool, contemporary look that is also very weatherproof.

Lifestyle Garden furniture

Lifestyle Garden furniture includes various ranges to enhance any outdoor space, using a unique combination of materials.


The Sydney range combines handwoven petan with teak to create solid, chunky tables, as well as chairs and sofas made from synthetic rattan and dressed with comfortably, generously sized cushions.


Sleek aluminium seat frames, hand wrapped with thick, luxurious rope, are typical of the Ipanema range, while weather-resistant cushions make it suitable for use in all climates.


Lifestyle Garden’s Aruba pieces are woven from petan and given a light, grey birch finish as well as weatherproof cushions.


The Martinique range features curved edges and deep, cosy cushions, and is enhanced by the use of modern, neutral shades.


Morella tables, chairs and loungers make use of Duracoat to produce all-weather aluminium furniture that’s stylish and lightweight, yet robust.


Crafted from no maintenance materials, the Solana range also uses Lifestyle Garden’s specially coated, weatherproof aluminium to produce pieces that are beautiful as well as functional.

Lifestyle Garden furniture covers

To protect your fabulous new furniture, Lifestyle Garden also produces tailor-made covers to fit its modular and dining sets.