Six tools your garden shouldn’t be without

Perhaps you’re a beginner, having just acquired your own green space, or maybe you’re planning a garden reinvention. Either way, this list of essential garden tools may help.

1. Gloves

If you don’t want to get scratched, or have thorns or splinters embedded in your hands, you need good gardening gloves. Coated, weatherproof gloves are best, while thick leather ones will resist even the sharpest thorns.

2. Watering can

Water is as essential to plants as to humans. Hanging baskets and pots in particular dry out quickly during warm weather, so keep your can handy to top them up.

3. Trug

Trugs are cheap, cheerful and lightweight. There’s no simpler way to transport tools, garden waste or harvested fruit and vegetables.

4. Trowel

A trowel is a very versatile tool indeed, as useful for planting as it is for weeding. It can even be used to remove unwanted animal droppings.

5. Fork

A garden fork can break up ground, dig up weeds and even be used for soil aeration. Opt for one with a long handle and it will give you added leverage, as well as minimising the risk of backache. On rocky ground, the fork’s prongs can help retrieve any stones.

6. Secateurs

For a healthy, attractive garden, you need to be deadheading and pruning all year long. A good, strong pair of secateurs can cut through even tough branches. Look for a sharp set with a safety catch, that are robust yet lightweight.

If you wouldn’t skimp on your Supremo Bari garden furniture, why cut corners on tools? If you pay a little more for the best quality, some tools may last a lifetime.