The pros and cons of garden ponds

Garden ponds can really divide opinion – they are as loved by some as they are loathed by others. There are certainly some pluses and minuses to consider before going ahead and adding a pond to your garden.

A water feature

There’s no doubt that the human race, on the whole, loves water. Our towns, cities and resorts are by and large located by the coast, on the banks of a river or close to a lake. The sound and sight of water calms the senses and instils a sense of wellbeing.

A safety issue

If you have small children – either resident or as frequent or occasional visitors – a pond may pose a safety risk. Will you truly relax in your Outback reclining chairs if you’re worried about little ones getting too close to the pond?


One of the joys of pond life is the feathered friends who may come to visit in search of food. You might catch an occasional glimpse or even regular sighting of a colourful, elusive kingfisher, or an elegant, majestic heron.


Imagine investing in some beautiful (and pricey) koi carp for your pond, only for them to be swept away pronto by the sharp beak of that grey heron?

High maintenance

It’s not simply a case of installing a pre-formed pond or liner, filling it, and that’s it. You need to consider the position and what plants to add, as well as any required filtering or aeration systems.

When planning a pond, it’s best to seek expert advice. Why not ask the experienced staff at your local garden centre?