How to see off the evening chill

Spring has arrived, and although we’re not quite enjoying those hot summer nights just yet, it’s a great time to spend some hours in your garden as the days start getting longer.

It can get a bit chilly by the evening, but there’s no need to suffer the shivers. A range of garden heaters is available to ward off those cold spells and allow you to enjoy your outside space into dusk and beyond.

There are three main kinds of outdoor heaters you can buy – gas heaters, fire pits and chimneas.


Firepits are available from around £30, so heating your garden need not break the bank. La Hacienda’s Kuto is a simple wide bowl with stand that comes in an attractive copper finish, while their black metal Alberta fire basket is similarly priced. Some, such as the Landmann Crossfire, even combine a firepit with a barbecue.


As the name suggests, this type of heater does somewhat resemble a chimney in shape. Most are made from steel or cast iron, so they are a heavy duty item that will give years of warmth. Some, like La Hacienda’s Murcia, are very traditional in appearance, or by contrast ultra-sleek contemporary designs such as the Delta by La Hacienda are now also available. Some even have built-in log stores.

Patio heaters

Outback reclining chairs are far from the only product made by this outdoor living specialist manufacturer. Outback also supplies some pretty good gas-powered patio heaters too, in the form of tall, sleek, shining columns of sturdy, rustproof stainless steel such as the Jupiter or Pyramid.