Perfect Spuds! Grow Your Own Albert Bartlett Potatoes

Albert Bartlett potatoes are a British favourite and at last you can grow your own!  Whether you are an expert kitchen gardener or are new to ‘grow your own’ potatoes are a great way to start.  Follow out step-by-step guide to growing potatoes in a container or bag:

  • Fill a container with 4 inches (10cm) of growing compost.
  • Lay out seed potatoes with shoot pointing up.  A standard sized potato bag or container will take 4 seed potatoes.
  • Cover seed potatoes with 4 to 6 inches (10-15cm) of compost and water well.
  • As the shoots grow covering with more compost when they reach 4 inches (10cm) high.  This process of layering compost is called ‘earthing up’ and should be continued until the shoots reach the top of the container.
  • Keep the pots well watered and use a good quality fertiliser twice within the growing cycle.
  • When the plants start to flower you can start to harvest your potatoes.

Serve up your freshly grown potatoes boiled with a curl of butter and garnished with herbs for a delicious dish!

For everything you need to grow your own potatoes visit our Outdoor Plant area or ask our friendly team at Burleydam Garden Centre for help.