5 Quick & Easy Birdcare Tips

As the days get colder our beautiful British birds will look to our gardens for shelter, food and water. We’ve got some fantastic Autumn offers for Seasons members at Burleydam Garden Centre to ensure you attract our feathered friends over the coming months. Visit us in-store!

1) Use high energy seed and add variety with suet balls, pellets or mealworms

2) Increase the number of feeders as natural sources of food become depleted. Don’t forget to top up regularly.

3) Maintain a clean supply of water using drinkers or bird baths. Keep ice free in winter

4) Site nest boxes early. Birds will spot nest boxes during the colder months before nesting in the following spring.

5) Provide birds with shelter. Hedges and trees provide beautiful, natural shelter. Talk to our friendly Outdoor Plant team for great tips and ideas.