Time For An Autumn Makeover?

Your garden may be getting back to normal again following our exceptional summer, but you may well have a few casualties in your border due to the dry conditions. Take the opportunity to give those borders a revamp by replacing a few plants to give your garden a fresh new look.

  • A spiky plant or grass will add definition and texture and a stylish new look.
  • Fill a large gap with 3 or 5 identical small perennials. They will fill in quickly but look as if they have been there for years!
  • Small gaps can be filled with spring bulbs. Plant some autumn bedding plants on top for instant colour.
  • Cut back faded herbaceous plants and trim back shrubs where they have died back.
  • Re-plant pots and baskets with vibrant autumn bedding for a splash of colour.
  • Your soil may still be dry deep down so water well and finish off with a good mulch of chipped bark to seal in the moisture.

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