Zen Plants for your Home

Bonsai, Ficus Ginseng and Dracaena lucky bamboo all have powerful shapes, natural strength and all three fit well with the growing interest in bringing more calm and meaning to our lives. They’re also perfect feature plants in the minimalist interior trend. Zen plants are easy to look after, attractive to look at and blessed with a serene look that really impacts on their surroundings.


Bonsai plants are transformed into elegant miniature trees by pruning, trimming, and training of the trunk and branches so that it resembles a real tree in nature but on a much smaller scale. Examples of plants that are particularly suitable for bonsai are Chamaecyparis, Pomegranate, Crassula ovata and Carmona retusa. Ficus species   are currently the most popular as they are so easy to grow.

Dracaena lucky bamboo is an eye-catching feature plant, and is available with straight and twisted branches, woven, as a mini bamboo forest or as a solo statement plant. All shapes need a lot of water, which is why they’re often sold in a glass bowl, vase or other shape in which the water is visible. This contributes to the plant’s Zen look.

Courtesy of HTA