Spring Lawn Care

Despite the unsettled weather your lawn will spring into life at this time of year.  As the grass starts to grow its time to think about feeding and conditioning the lawn, killing moss and lawn weeds and to start mowing with care.  It is also a great time to sow a new lawn from seed.  Follow our guide for a lush green lawn:

Mow with Care

As the weather starts to get warmer, the grass will begin to grow quickly.  However, if the soil is very wet or there is frost on the ground be patient and wait.  For the first few cuts raise the mower blades to their highest setting.

Get rid of weeds and moss

Weeds and moss can take over a lawn in the winter months sapping it of nutrients and moisture.

Select a quality lawn feed, weed and moss killer which will up the level of nutrients in the soil before it kills the moss.  Mow the lawn and a few days later apply the all in one.

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Once the moss begins to die rake it out gently.  Repair any patches left behind to avoid moss taking hold again.  Use a patch fix product which includes grass seed, feed and seeding soil.

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If you have small areas of weeds either remove from hand or use a Lawn Weedkiller.  Don’t apply normal weedkiller as this will kill your grass.

Feed and conditioning your lawn

Like all plants in the garden your lawn will only perform its best if you feed it throughout the season.  Apply a good quality feed after mowing every 3-4 weeks from March to October.

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Deal with compacted soil

Lawns can become compacted over the winter months and need to be aerated. The ground becomes hard and slow to drain.

Spring is the perfect time to aerate the lawn ideally using a hollow time aerator.  However, you can improvise using a garden fork pushing the spikes 7-10cm into the soil.  Use a turf and lawn dressing to fill ant holes which will promote grass growth.


Although early autumn is the optimum time to overseed, you may need to overseed bare patches in the spring.  Prepare the areas to be seeded using a fork and rake to break up the soil and then apply grass seed raking it into the soil.  New grass should begin to shoot 7-10 days afterwards.

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