Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips for July

July is a month of colour and growth in your garden, with plants and weeds alike taking the opportunity to flourish. While there’s a lot of watering and dead-heading to be done, remember to make time to relax outside and enjoy your hard work. 

  • Be water-wise. Use grey water where possible with new plants and tubs but take note of rainfall and water accordingly
  • Give a tired lawn a summer feed, but don’t worry about a browning established lawn, it’ll soon recover when wet weather returns
  • Deadhead perennials to encourage further flowering
  • Keep on top on weeds – in this warm weather seedlings can appear overnight
  • Pests love this warmer weather too, so keep an eye out and them early
  • Harvest courgettes before they grow into marrows
  • Remember to water hanging baskets at least once a day
  • Keep your pond topped up and be sure to remove algae and weeds
  • Mulch vegetable patches with fertilisers to suppress weeds and keep the soil moist
  • Harvest soft fruits like peaches and nectarines
  • Remember to arrange care for houseplants while you go on holiday
  • Take cuttings to expand your stock
  • Harvest peas and broad beans, as well as early potatoes
  • Make sowings of biennials like Sweet Williams and Foxgloves for planting out in autumn
  • Continue to tie wall shrubs and annual climbers to stakes, as they grow extremely quickly at this time of year

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